Literally, a song about big iron safes falling off of buildings, like in a cartoon. In a cartoon, the safe would land on the character and they would bounce back up with a bandage on their forehead and little birds flying in a circle over their head. The lyrics talk about rapid changes – and the song was written during the current “all fear, all the time” version of government.

A song about being on the outside looking in, or maybe on the inside looking out.

When I was a boy, my grandmother used to take me and my sister to an amusement park in Los Angeles called Beverly Park. Next door was Ponyland, a place where children rode on sad little horses. I loved it all. One day, the big machines came and tore it all down to build a shopping mall. The mall is still there.

A favourite live number, great to bash away with this one.

I bought a 1923 upright piano from a second-hand store last year. This is the first song that I wrote on it. This is a solo piano/vocal performance recorded at my house in the living room. This song wrote itself very quickly one afternoon.

I was strumming my guitar and watching a Bergman film on TV. The lyrics for the first two verses are exactly what was happening on the screen as I wrote the song. The film they were showing was actually “Wild Strawberries”. I love Bergman’s movies and this would be my mini-tribute to him.

This song has a melody that I have been humming to myself for years. I finally decided to write a song around it. I could easily imagine Willie Nelson doing this song.

I told Ed Stasium, my producer, that I wanted “Mick Ronson” guitar tone for this one. I’d been listening to Ziggy Stardust quite a lot and I knew exactly what I was going for. When the guitar kicks in during the bridge, it makes me smile.

A deceptively simple song about chasing dreams. “Nothing lasts forever, except these things that never go away” – one of my favorite lines on the record.

I wanted a rave up rock and roll song – and this is what I came up with! A true blast to play live. And there a two guitar solos going on at once, a bargain I would say.

Written very quickly one evening. I was experimenting with alternate tunings on the guitar, which is something I rarely do. This song came out of thin air. The production includes E-Bow guitars and backwards guitars.